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UIA Events

UIA celebrates the unity in diversity of vast Australian landscape. Member associations represent the vast cross section of Indian diaspora in Australia. They bring with them various cultural and religious beliefs. UIA brings together the diverse community organisations that are actively promoting thier culture, music, dance, food and share thier experiences.

UIA celebrates the following events bringing together all the Indians and share thier activities with multicultural society in Australia.

  • 15th Aug India Australia Friendship Fair
  • 26th Jan India’s Republic Day and Australia Day

The above days are celebrated near or on the closest weakend.

UIA also helps the community by arranging informative forums that help the participants learn about the latest developments or efforts being done by the state and federal governments. These forums also give them an opportunity to raise community concerns to the state and federal representatives and officials.

UIA organises Women’s Forum, Business Forum, Senior’s Forum and participates in many other events that are organised by the member associations as well as associates.