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UIA Aims and Objectives

  • To promote a harmonious relationship amongst Australian citizens, Indian migrants, and the society in general by cultivating mutual respect through increased social interaction, sports, recreation, and other voluntary activities of significant community benefit.
  • To act as a channel of communication between the Australian Indian community, the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments and the Indian Government, on welfare, social and economic matters.
  • To undertake welfare work for the benefit and on behalf of the Indian community in New South Wales and ACT either directly or through some agency.
  • To celebrate the cultural activities for all Indian communities with their co-operation.
  • To establish, develop and maintain a Community Sports and Cultural Centre in New South Wales for use and benefit of member organisations and of the community.
  • To affiliate to and co-operate with other associations whose objectives are altogether similar to those of the United Indian Association subject to the approval of the Governing Council.
  • To establish such facilities and to do all such other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the United Indian Association.
  • To encourage and foster the development of Indian languages and culture within the Australian context.
  • To create a benevolent fund for the benefit of the members of the Indian Community and appoint trustees to manage the fund.