About us

UIA is an umbrella organisation representing New South Wales based Indian regional/linguistic, associations with the following aims and objectives. These will be achieved by developing Business Practices and Code of Conduct.

To promote a harmonious relationship amongst Australian citizens, Indian migrants, and the society in general by cultivating mutual respect through increased social interaction, sports, recreation, and other voluntary activities of significant community benefit.

To act as a channel of communication between the Australian Indian community (hereinafter referred to as Indians), the Commonwealth Government, New South Wales (NSW) Government and the Indian Government, on welfare, social and economic matters.

To represent and to be the voice of Indian community in NSW in all relevant matters.

To undertake welfare work for the benefit and on behalf of the Indian community in New South Wales either directly or through some agency.

To celebrate the cultural activities for all Indian communities with their co-operation.

To establish, develop and maintain a Community Sports and Cultural Centre in New South Wales for use and benefit of member organisations and of the community.